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A Comprehensive Guide Finding the Best IELTS Last Minute tips

Last-minute prep is the most essential part of your year or month-long preparation for the IELTS examination. It might be difficult to get through the full curriculum in a short amount of time. You having a plan might help you relax before the exam and use your maximum capacity throughout the exam. So, before the exam, fill your schedule with the items on the following to-do list. The following are some pointers on how to ace each component of the test.

IELTS Listening Last Minute Tips:

The most essential thing to keep in mind throughout the Listening Test is that every second counts, so make the most of your time. The most common error made by students is that they write their responses in the incorrect space. Remember to use proper language and write the response in the correct format.

If the question asks you to put your responses in a true/false manner, do not just say yes or no. Finally yet importantly, keep in mind that the IELTS Listening Test becomes increasingly challenging with time.

IELTS Writing Last Minute Tips:

The most important thing to remember during the hour-long Writing Test is to keep track of your time. Giving the first segment 20 minutes and the second section 40 minutes is said to be the ideal approach to finish the section on time, especially as Task 2 accounts for two-thirds of the total marks in the writing test.

Do not spend so much time on Task 1 that you do not have time for Task 2.

Assign the following amounts of time to each stage:

  • Planning- 5-10 minutes
  • Writing- 20-30 minutes
  • Checking and editing- 5-10 minutes
  • Another point to be remembered is circling the key words to stay focused and including all the information requested in the bullet points.

IELTS Reading Last Minute Tips:

It is always a good thing to take charge of the exam and allow yourself the choice of starting with the “part you are comfortable with.” In the reading segment, time management is vital. Give each of the three portions 20 minutes of your time.

Read through rapidly, giving yourself no more than 5 minutes to complete the task, and then answer the questions. It is incredible how many students make the most apparent errors due to anxiety or negligence.

IELTS Speaking Last Minute Tips:

Carry out 2-3 cycles of full IELTS speaking exam practice with the help of a friend, sit in front of mirror, or record yourself with the help of your mobile phone. .

  • Get your favourite and comfortable dress ready.
  • If you do not understand any of the questions of the examiner, do not hesitate to ask for a repetition.
  • Try to speak at length by adding details, contradictions, comparisons etc, during the exam.
  • Utilize the IELTS speaking part two’s preparation time of one minute to write notes.
  • Don’t try to speak only authentic information or details, remember you are tested on your English speaking skills not the truthfulness of the content

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