PTE Summarize Written Text 5 Tips !!

What you are supposed to do in Summarize Written Text?

Reading a passage or paragraph and writing a summary.

What are the skills assessed in the Summarize Written Text?

Writing & Reading.

Understanding the PTE Summarize Written Text.!!

  1. You have 10 minutes time to read and write the summary.
  2. The summary should be written in one sentence.
  3. The summary should be written in the range of 5-75 words.
  4. In this task you cut, copy, paste buttons.
  5. The length of the paragraph or passage is up to 300 words.


  • Once you click the next button, you cannot go back to the previous question.

Tips for PTE Summarize Written Text!!

  • Read the paragraph/ passage as clearly as possible.
  • Identify the keywords and key points from the paragraph/ passage.
  • With identified keywords and key points write the summary.
  • Make sure that you write a summary using complex and compound sentences.

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