Computer-Based IELTS Exam


7 Reasons Why a Computer-Based IELTS Exam is a Better Option.

Regarding IELTS Exams, by now, you are probably aware that you can take the IELTS on a computer which is soon taking over the world. This is a fantastic test – coming from people’s experiences. There are 9 reasons to believe that the new computer-based IELTS test format is superior to the old format.

1. The testing facility is futuristic and completely a WOW:

These new testing facilities must have been expensive to construct – one gets a sensation of walking into the future. As soon as the elevator doors open, you will be impressed by a futuristic striking layout. Earlier, it felt like being herded like cattle into some university in the middle of nowhere.

2. The examination is significantly more convenient:

For some reason, today, scheduling the computer-based IELTS test seems simpler and less confusing. The simplicity is proved, to begin with, by receiving a short email giving a brief set of instructions, like: Arrive at this location, on this date, and at this time instead of being greeted by a lengthy one with lists of DOs and DON’Ts.

3. The experience with the staff is extremely pleasant:

The overall change in the test format has had a significant impact on how the staff interacts with you. You will find only two young sprightly gentlemen going all out to help you – no IELTS overlords like in the old testing centers. Unlike earlier, there’s no rushing, pushing, or pressure as the entire test has been streamlined. Now, even as you wait for a few minutes you are politely, offered free bottled water!

4. Difficulty Level is same!

Its undeniably, true that the computer-based IELTS test is still extremely difficult. However, the overall improvement in the environment has improved how one feels going into the test, which is crucial.

5. Smaller groups outperform larger crowds:

The newest feature is that the focus is on smaller groups, say that of 14 people present on the day of a test. As a result, you find everyone relaxed and everything seems calmer-true enough, large crowds can get noisy. Here is time well spent in the sense, that one can network and make good friends by the end of the exam, whilst waiting for one’s Speaking Test! You find people in a lighter mood mixing and joking around, discussing the test questions and their experiences unconsciously, and unanimously, agreeing that the computer-based test is better than the old paper-based test.

6. The writing is much easier now

Generally, speaking writing has become easier. Reasons are simple one, the writing needs not be handwriting and that is a blessing for students who lost the habit of handwriting.

7. IELTS test results in less time!

Lastly, the BIG difference between the latest test format and the old one is that you get your results in just 4-5 days. This is 8 or 9 days faster than the paper-based test.

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